A great motivational message from Mr Amitabh Bachchan @SrBachchan

Amitabh Bachchan learnt a very valuable lesson in life from his father during his days of struggle, about overcoming the struggles of life. Watch this video to learn what it was

For the superbly inspirational story of Amitabh Bachchan’s life, #BigB

Video Courtesy: facebook page of your dost https://yourdost.com/

Sundar pitchai a simple man from IIT Kharakpur to now @Google CEO

Sundar Pitchai, CEO of Google was at Kharagpur Railway Station….What A Humble Person….

Sundar Pitchai, CEO of Google was Standing on the Railway Station Platform of Kharagpur, to visit his Alma Mater, IIT. Not withstanding the Chance to Flaunt his Power & Glory, He Remains an Epitome of Humility, a Rare Human Traits. (His Last Year Salary Inclusive of Shares is 200 Million $ – Rs 1300 Crores !!!)
This is the Effect of Real Education – No Pride….. No Ego……So Simple in Dress……No Show Off.

Extract from Gita…

Hey Parth,

| Tum pichli late promotion ka
paschatap mat karo |

|| Tum Agli Promotion ki
chinta mat karo ||

| Bus apni current posting se
he prassan raho |

|| Tum Jab nahin the
tab bhi ye office chal raha tha ||

| Tum jab nahin hoge,
tab bhi ye chalta rehega |

|| Jo computer aaj tumhara hai,
Kal kisi or ka tha ||

| Parso kisi or ka hoga. Tum ise
apna samaj kar magan ho rahe ho |

|| Yahi tumhare samast
dukho ka karan hai. ||

|Apraisal incentive, promotion, increment ye shabad apne man se nikal do |

|| phir tum is office ke ho
Aur ye office tumhara hai ||

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