#WorldIdliDay | Here’s why March 30 is celebrated as World Idli Day!

What better than starting World Idli Day with a plateful of idlis – the soft and fluffy round steamed savoury cake – served usually with a bowl of piping hot sambar and tangy coconut chutney.


According to reports, Chennai man Iniyavan, regarded as ‘Idli King’ and the president of Tamil Nadu Catering Employees Union, Rajamani Iyer, apparently came up with the concept of a special day for idlis. March 30 has officially been chosen as World Idli Day.


The origin of idlis, however, is a topic of debate.

“Both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka claim to have invented this recipe. There are references to the making and existence of idli from the 8th century,” Sujan Mukherjee, the executive chef at Chennai’s Taj Coromandel Hotel, had told PTI in an interview.

“But many of us will be surprised to know there are claims that idli did not originate in South India at all. Some food historians believe idli was derived from some steamed rice preparations from Indonesia. It is believed that this recipe was invented by the cooks of the Hindu kings who ruled some parts of Indonesia,” he told PTI.

The second claim contradicts this, as some food historians claim that idli was introduced to South India by Arab traders, who had been in constant contact with the southern coast.

“There are works that mention about a flat boiled rice preparation that had a bland coconut paste and this preparation was developed upon by the locals to the present- day idli and coconut chutney,” Mukherjee told PTI.


The idli comes in a lot of variations and adaptations throughout the world. Some of the classical varieties are – Kanchipuram idli (tempered with black pepper and coconut) and Ramasserry idli (a flat and soft idly from Palakkad in Kerala). “There are modern-day adaptations like mallipoo idli and podi idli. Mallipoo in Tamil refers to jasmine, the idli gets its name as it is as soft as a jasmine. The podi idlis are mini idlis tossed with gun powder (ground chilly),” Mukherjee said. There are also household adaptations like sambar idli (idli immersed in sambar) and idli upma (tempered idli cubes with chopped onions and chilies). All the idlis are prepared by steaming method but in a few snack preparations they are fried after steaming.

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A small story with a great message

She got late at office that day and she had to go home alone.

She started walking towards the auto stand

But it was too late,
she had to
wait for an auto.
She felt like someone was
following her,
she turned back and ‘Bhoo’ he said.
She got scared and he laughed out loud.

Her office colleague it was.

“I’m here because
I can’t let you walk alone
towards the auto stand and don’t worry
I’ll be
with you till you get an auto.
You are my
he said.
After ten minutes of wait,
An auto came but no
passenger was in there.
She knew that this
could probably be the last auto to pass by.

looked in an uncomfortable manner
At the
auto driver.

“Don’t worry sister,
I’ll drop you at your home
You are my responsibility”
the auto
driver said.

She sat in.

Her home was in a dark lane,
she had to walk
almost five minutes in the lane to reach her
She entered the lane and a mid-aged
man was smoking and looking at her.

It was a neighbour.
He threw the cigarette
away and said
“Come i’ll walk with you till you
reach home.
Don’t worry beti you are like my
daughter only.
You are my responsibility”

The girl finally reached home safely.

Everytime i gave a pause in the write up, you
must have felt that something wrong will
This fear is what our society has given

It will no longer have an existance if every
man be like that office colleague or the auto
driver or the neighbour.

Dear men, like your sister, mother and wife are
your responsibilities,

‘She’ is your
responsibility too.

Understand if you can.
Share the message
If it’s worth it. 👍

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