What is #leadership about

Nothing changes your life like real decision.

When you make a decision and every bit of you is committed to it, it’s amazing what mountains you can move. When you commit to a decision – I mean really commit to it – you are essentially saying to the world, “This is how it will be.” If you find something that you are passionate and excited about and add decisiveness, you can make anything happen.

Decisiveness is the ability to make a decision even when you’re uncertain. If it’s the wrong decision, you’ll quickly figure it out and be able to correct course. If you don’t make a decision, however, there is only one certain outcome: nothing will get better.

Indecision becomes decision with time. The only way to improve your life, to move toward what it is you really want most and to feel the incredible sense of certainty that comes from knowing you’re making progress, is to harness the power of decision. It’s a muscle, and, like any other muscle, it must be used consistently to grow.

Leadership is about making decisions. If you’re going to be the leader of your own life, you’re going to need to make decisions. Whether those decisions are right or wrong, you’re going to find out a lot quicker than if you sit around and do nothing.

I would like to thank  @TonyRobbins

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