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Instead of bringing home a Ganpati idol, Pimpri family brought in a 12-yr-old impoverished boy, who will spend 10 days at their house
While the devout get home Ganpatiidols and offer it a place of pride for Ganeshotsav, this family de cided to bring home a 12-year-old boy from a nearby slum. As a result, the boy, Akash Pawar, who hails from an impoverished background, will spend 10 joyful days with a loving family.
Yogesh Malkhare, a self-employed resident of Pimpri, got Akash home on Day One of the Ganeshotsav with much pomp and fanfare.Followed by a marching band and people performing the aarti, Yogesh carried Akash on his shoulders. Since then, the boy has stayed there. He goes to school from Yogesh’s house, plays with Yogesh’s daughter Etha, eats all his meals with their family and even demands that tasty food be prepared for him. It’s not just the family which has taken to having Akash in its midst, even Yogesh’s friends are taking turns to take him shopping and lecture him on the importance of studies.

And the cynosure of all eyes, Akash is enjoying every minute of this. “All my friends in school are jealous of me and ask me when will they get such a chance,“ he said. “This is fun, but I am also realising how important studies are. I am in Class VI, but still couldn’t read.Etha is helping me focus. I have promised her that I will continue studying even after going back home.“

Akash is the younger son of Renuka and Datta Pawar, who work as domestic maid and a tea stall helper, respectively. He was spotted by Yogesh, who saw the dirt and filth last year and was reminded of the noble intentions behind the festival. “I wanted the original thought of Ganeshotsav being a social revolution of sorts, to return. So, I decided to do something different this year, something that would not only be a joyous event, but also give us an opportunity to spread the love,“ he said.

And, while it started with just having Akash stay with them for 10 days, it now involves an education sponsorship to the boy till Class X.

However, it was not easy to convince people of his idea. “My immediate family is well aware of how I am, but we are still getting raised eyebrows from other folks,“ he said.

On Sunday, the final day of Ganeshotsav, the boy will return to his original home. “But he will never be just another boy for our family. He will keep returning on special occasions, and we will keep reminding him of the importance of education, so that he can lead a good life,“ Yogesh said.
Wish every family who keep Ganesha in their house follow the above practice instead …. It will go a long way to help so many kids in their education and well being

Amazing contribution.

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