“Never Give Up”

Just Believe yourself
As in this time you need to motivate yourself that you can do it you can cross all the hurdles watch this video and “Never Give Up” #BeStrong
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Always remember, Life may be tough at few points, but DESTINY is not created by the SHOES we wear but by the STEPS we take.

In Mahabharat, Karna asks Lord Krishna – “My mother left me the moment I was born. Is it my fault I was born an illegitimate child?

I did not get the education from Dhronacharya because I was considered not a Kshatriya.

Parsuraam taught me but then gave me the curse to forget everything when he came to know I was Son of Kunthi belong to Kshatriya.

A cow was accidentally hit by my arrow & its owner cursed me for no fault of mine.

I was disgraced in Draupadi’s Swayamvar.

Even Kunthi finally told me the truth only to save her other sons.

Whatever I received was through Duryodhana’s charity.

So how am I wrong in taking his side ???”

Lord Krishna replies, “Karna, I was born in a jail.

Death was waiting for me even before my birth.

The night I was born I was separated from my birth parents.

From childhood, you grew up hearing the noise of swords, chariots, horses, bow, and arrows. I got only cow herd’s shed, dung, and multiple attempts on my life even before I could walk!

No Army, No Education. I could hear people saying I am the reason for all their problems.

When all of you were being appreciated for your valour by your teachers I had not even received any education. I joined Gurukula of Rishi Sandipani only at the age of 16!

You are married to a girl of your choice. I didn’t get the girl I loved & rather ended up marrying those who wanted me or the ones I rescued from demons.

I had to move my whole community from the banks of Yamuna to far off Sea shore to save them from Jarasandh. I was called a coward for running away!!

If Duryodhana wins the war you will get a lot of credit. What do I get if Dharmaraja wins the war? Only the blame for the war and all related problems…

Remember one thing, Karna. Everybody has Challenges in life to face.


But what is Right (Dharma) is known to your Mind (conscience). No matter how much unfairness we got, how many times we were Disgraced, how many times we Fall, what is important is how you REACTED at that time.

Life’s unfairness does not give you license to walk the wrong path…

Always remember, Life may be tough at few points, but DESTINY is not created by the SHOES we wear but by the STEPS we take..

11 Unique Motorcycle Designs We Simply Can’t Take Our Eyes OffWith the recent surge in electric motorbikes has come a dramatic shift in design.

With the recent surge in production of electric vehicles, and electric motorcycles in particular, engineers and designers have tried to set their models apart with modern, eye-catching designs.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite examples of aesthetically pleasing and well-engineered, unique motorcycle design.


1. Steampunk-inspired custom BMW R98

Moscow-based Ziller’s Garage designed this steampunk-inspired custom BMW R98 motorcycle that bears a striking resemblance to the fictional models seen in sci-fi anime classic Akira.Source: zillers_custom_garage/Instagram

Every component in the custom motorcycle design, down to the exhaust system, is handmade, and the motorbike has a masterfully sculpted aluminum shell, custom spoked wheels, and light-up BMW badges.

2. The all-electric Hypersport by Damon Motorcycles

Winner of the CES 2020 award for best-in-innovation, the HyperSport motorcycle by Damon Motorcycles is an all-electric superbike that shifts its seating in order to adapt to the rider. https://d-5907295173820261931.ampproject.net/2005220120000/frame.htmlSource: Damon Motorcycles

The Hypersport won the CES award largely for its innovative e-bike advanced AI, and haptic feedback warning system, making it an example of pioneering motorcycle design.

3. Harley Davidson’s luxury Swiss watch-inspired Blue Edition

A combination of luxury Swiss watch and best-in-class motorcycle, the Harley Davidson’s Blue Edition was hailed as the most expensive motorbike on its release.Source: Harley Davidson

The motorcycle design was part of a team-up between luxury Swiss watch retailer Bucherer and Harley Davidson. This uniquely crafted blue marvel includes 360 diamonds woven into its shell and frame and costs $1.9 million.

4. Tryal mini-moto design

With its unique triangular design, the Tryal electric motorcycle design won last year’s inaugural Rizoma ‘Future of Motorcycling’ design challenge, which was focused on the most innovative motorcycle design ideas.Source: Rizoma

Designed by Erik Askin, Associate Design Director at New Deal Design in San Francisco, the Tryal motorcycle’s bold colors, clean forms, and fun features like its customizable dot-matrix headlights, give the new design an iconic feel.null

5. The 3D-printed Nera E-Bike

Taking cool motorcycle designs to a new level, the Nera E-Bike’s host of groundbreaking motorcycle components include airless tires, embedded electronics, and forkless steering.Source: NOWlab

On top of that, the motorcycle is 3D-printed and fully electric, making it perfect for a future that’s focused on sustainability. The fully functioning prototype was manufactured by 3D printing company BigRep. 

6. BMW Motorrad Vision 100

BMW’s Motorrad Vision Next100 concept motorcycle is likely one of those designs that never come to fruition, and yet, we can’t help but dream. Unveiled in 2016, the vehicle looks like a motorcycle from the future — and one whose angular design seems to have predicted a trend that might be set in motion by Tesla’s Cybertruck.Source: BMW

“Normally when we develop a motorcycle, we tend to think five to 10 years in advance,” Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad, said in a 2016 press statement. “On this occasion, we looked much further ahead and found … some very attractive prospects.”

7. Lotus’s first motorcycle, the Lotus C-01

Lotus’s limited run C-01 motorcycle was designed by ex-Bugatti designer, Daniel Simon, who is also the mind behind Tron’s Light Cycle. Simon left Bugatti to work in the movie industry as a designer of futuristic fictional tech before he took on the Lotus C-01 gig.Source: Lotus

Unlike most other models in this article Lotus’s motorcycle isn’t an electric vehicle. It came with a 4-stroke V-twin engine that is 200 bhp and its first model was auctioned off in 2016 for a cool estimated $500,000.

8. The Captain Kirk-designed Rivet Motorcycle

William Shatner, famous for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, teamed up with custom motorcycle company American Wrench in 2015 to put this chrome Batmobile-bike-like design together.Source: Rivet Motors

The Rivet Motorcycle features a V8 all-aluminum, supercharged, supercooled, computer-controlled engine which is 500hp. Despite its affiliation to Star Trek, the Rivet Motorcycle has a gothic feel to it, with its leather padded seat and chrome finish.

9. CAKE’s Kalk& off-road electric motorcycle

Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE, announced its first street-legal bike last year, the Kalk& (and). The impressive, angular motorcycle design was unveiled at last year’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver.Source: CAKE

It has a 10kW motor with a maximum torque of 186 ft/lbs, a top speed of over 56 mph, and a range of 53 miles. The $13,000 electric motorcycle was designed as an all-electric off-roader.

10. BST’s futuristic HyperTek

Blackstone Tek (BST) unveiled the futuristic-looking HyperTek last year at the EICMA Motorcycle Show. Former Ducati Design Manager Pierre Terblanche, who designed the motorcycle, called HyperTek “the best work I’ve ever done.”Source: Barry White

The motorcycle’s shell is largely made from carbon fiber, allowing the vehicle’s weight to be a relatively paltry 450 pounds. The bike’s water-cooled DHX Hawk motor generates 105 Hp and 88.5 pound-feet of torque and is powered by a 4.75-kWh battery that has a range of 186 miles.

11. The sleek, wood panel Newron EV-1

Only last month, Newron Motors announced it’s incredibly sleek-looking Newron EV-1 was now open to pre-orders. The wood panel electric bike is a striking example of futuristic motorcycle design.Source: Newron

The company calls its motorcycle the “first electric power cruiser.” Its 75 kW PMAC engine gives the impressive motorcycle 240 Nm of torque, allowing it to go from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in under three seconds. An exoskeleton chassis links the front and rear end of the motorcycle via a structural battery.

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What’s a team work ???

Dear Friends


One short story, can’t control myself without sharing it with our team

A business man gets stranded in a village. The tyres of his car get stuck badly in a mud pool. He looks around for help and finally finds an old farmer. This businessman goes to him asking for help to get his car out of the mud.

The Farmer gauges the situation, and agrees to help him and says, let us take the help of WARWICK.

WARWICK was an OLD BULL around, but the helpless business man agrees.

The farmer ties the bull to the car and Starts shouting loudly, ” FRED, PULL!.. JACK, PULL!.. JOHN, PULL… WARWICK, PULL’.”

As the farmer keeps shouting these words, the bull WARWICK gets the car out of the pool of mud.

The Businessman is relieved, but has a doubt in his mind. He thanks the farmer and asks him,’ you said the bull’s name was WARWICK, and he was alone, then who were these FRED, JACK & JOHN?’

Farmer coolly answered, “See, WARWICK is old and is also blind. He does not know he is pulling this car alone. The moment he hears the other names, he thinks he is in a “TEAM”, and he gives his “BEST”.


So is the case with all of us.

The very thought that there are people to help us, blesses us with a great deal of comfort, hope, confidence and enthuses us to put our heart and soul into any task that we undertake.


Indeed, the greatest civilization have always been built on the foundations of a greater level of cooperation from their citizens and the smartest animals we know — APES, ELEPHANTS, WOLVES, DOLPHINS, and CROWS — tend to live together in cooperative groups and work together for survival.

TEAM is said to stand for “Together Everyone Achieves More”

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